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actor - sanford kong
Born in Ottawa, and raised in Toronto Canada, Sanford  spent most of his youth drawing, painting and making things. As an adult he became a professional concept artist servicing the entertainment sector, and advertising. His love for storytelling compelled him to move from visual art to actively perform in the various stories he sketched. For years he has studied acting, improvisational comedy, clown and film action. Being a performer on set with experience in TV commercials, music videos, and films, he is constantly evolving and learning more about this medium to enrich his artistic life, soul and passion.http://www.sanfordkong.comshapeimage_3_link_0
cinematographer - guy godfree
Originally from Nova Scotia, Guy Godfree is a cinematographer currently living in Toronto, Canada.  With years of experience in the camera department, his career has seen him on the biggest of Hollywood sets to the smallest two person crew in northern Canada.  Finding the story elements of each film and crafting his work appropriately towards that story is paramount.  Choosing the right tools ranging from complex to the very basic is what Guy aims for when approaching every project.  Guy’s recent work includes the anamorphic feature film Reverie for director Saul Pincus; another short film, Ten For Grandpa, already heavily into the 2009 festival circuit including Seattle International Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival 2009; and Clockwork Steam, a short film in the steam punk genre about a man who lives inside a clock.http://www.guygodfree.comshapeimage_4_link_0

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production manager
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dave mckane
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producer / director / choreographer - ayelén liberona
Born in Toronto to Chilean political refugees, Ayelen began with a career in dance. Infused with a kinetic imagination, she trained dance in Cuba, received an anthropology degree at the University of Toronto and then moved to New York City. Her work as a performer and choreographer has been shown to wide acclaim at festivals, theaters and on television across 4 continents.  Ayelen’s obsession with the moving image lead her to film, and in 2005 she directed Falling, which premiered at 13 international film festivals.  In 2008, along with Joseph Johnson Camí, she produced the feature documentary A Grain of Sand (2008), which premiered in May 2009 at the Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival. The short film Becoming (2009), made with a grant from the Bravo Arts Channel Canada, marks the first of many creative collaborations between Ayelen and Joseph.http://www.ayelenliberona.comshapeimage_7_link_0
producer / director - joseph johnson camí
That inexplicable desire for expression and thirst for ideas was the culprit of it all. It led me to books and dark nights with movies as my companion. I was born in 1979 in the United States, but I followed my mother’s roots to Barcelona, Spain, where I explored my abilities as a writer.  In the process of getting my degree in English literature at the University of North Carolina, a chance encounter in a gym would set me on the filmmaking path. Since then, I’ve directed and produced a feature length documentary A grain of sand (2008), and the short film Becoming (2009). I also directed the TV-movie Adrenalina (2007), which was nominated to 9 Spanish television awards, of which it won four. I am currently a professor at the private film school El Plato de Cinema in Barcelona, Spain, where I teach film direction while preparing my next project with my creative conspirator and partner, Ayelen Liberona.
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animation / visual effects supervisor - carlos lascano
Carlos Lascano is a writer, director, animator, illustrator, painter and photographer, whose unique aesthetic universe is characterized by the mixing of illustration, pictorial art and new technologies. His love of storytelling and his visual universe led him to devote himself entirely to filmmaking. In 1997, after graduating from Law School, but still captivated by his artistic vocation, he founded his own production company and developed commercials for big, international corporations. At the same time he wrote, produced and directed several personal projects, for which he won numerous prizes. As animation director, his original artwork in "The Legend of the Scarecrow" earned the short film over 20 awards worldwide, a nomination to the 20th Goya Awards, and a pre-selection to the 2005 Oscars. His recent work in animation has earned him worldwide recognition and his techniques have become a point of reference in modern animation.http://www.carloslascano.comshapeimage_24_link_0
editor - tom khan
Born in Switzerland and raised in England, Tom has been living in Canada for seven years. He is currently a primary promotional editor for a range of Canadian television networks including Scream, Movie Central and Encore Avenue.  Tom has worked in different capacities on projects, having started up in the camera department, he shot a short documentary entitled A Shadow Behind, concerning an Iraqi refugee in Canada, which won Best Real Short at the 2002 Student Shorts International Film Festival.  He also shot The Overlookers, an independent feature on location in NYC that went on to win the Canadian Filmmakers’ Festival Best Picture in 2005.  His shooting background naturally enhanced his editing skills, and vice versa.  Through his freelance editing he ended up at Cuppa Coffee, where he developed his online/color correction skills, and then at Corus entertainment, where he is much in demand by producers.  While editing short-form content at work, he has kept up longer format projects, including a the short film Becoming, and a special effects-driven sci-fi short film, Prototype.
lead actor - jessica keeling
Born In Toronto, Canada, Jessica spent her younger years training in Dance of many forms in Canada and the U.S. Her relationship with movement has been solid and fulfilling. Some of her favourite credits include "Hotel",  "Evolve!" and "Rain" (Helix Dance Project), West Side Story (Stratford Shakespeare Festival), "Encore" (Tokyo Disney) and Cats (Drayton). Jessica has been traveling 6 continents working, living and learning through Dance for the past 7 years. Carying with her a very strong passion for music. She is humbled and so thankful to represent nature in "Becoming".
sound design / foley artist - richard cavagin carey
UK born and raised Richard began making sounds at 8 years of age. Upon moving to Canada four years ago he undertook formal audio engineering training at renowned school OIART (Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology), aiming to bring his love of music and sound together with film.  Since then, Richard's sound design and music compositions have been used in a number of productions which have featured on TV and screened at film festivals across North America and Europe.  Always using those ears, he is probably pointing a microphone at something right now as you read this… http://www.audiosolutions-cavagin.comshapeimage_28_link_0
Colin Penman has been a professional makeup artist for the last twenty years. Having worked as a makeup artist in both the USA and Canada, Colin began his career studying all aspects of makeup, but soon found himself focusing on prosthetic, airbrush and special makeup effects as his specialties. Currently a member of IATSE 873 in Toronto, Colin's focus, now, is to unify all of his skills and bring them into his makeup departments. His resume inlcudes such large scale productions as Saw V (2008), The Incredible Hulk (2008) and George Romero’s latest movie, ...of the Deadhttp://www.colinpenman.comshapeimage_30_link_0