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Founded in 2007 by JRJC and Ayelen Liberona, we do not presuppose any one mission, and we decline any singular statement that defines the films we have not yet made.


Instead, Wandering Eye aspires to follow ideas through movement and critical exploration so as to create an alternative space for de-centralized ideas and models to flourish.


We see film as an open medium that should reflect the diversity of ideas, people and realities that surround us. Unfortunately, there are those who are trying to shape our future by controlling the means we have of expression through the algorithmic regulation of our attention and mind-space.


Wandering Eye prefers instead to promote a curious camera and an open third eye, probing the edges of experience and revealing in bits and bytes what lies beneath the surface of all the beauty and injustice that surrounds us.


We believe in cooperation and support the idea of an Open Source community of creative and interacting ideas that evolve and bind us in the defence of freedom and all our relations.

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